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My Journey

My name is Ashley Cummings and married to the best guy! We live in Bella Vista, Arkansas with our two pit bull doggies Zelda and Apollo, they are crazy most of the time but the best furbabies.

We married June 2014 and decided we were ready for kids a few years ago. It was really the start of a journey to living a more healthy holistic lifestyle.

I was already working out pretty regularly(actually way more regularly then, than I am now to be honest) and we were eating pretty healthy, but had plenty of learning and growing to do.

My biggest switch then was dropping the caffeine, we were both working night shifts and lived on energy drinks and coffee. The May before we really started trying to conceive I had a late period with awful doubled over pains and heavy bleeding while at work. My coworkers believe I could actually have been having an early miscarriage, I never got it checked out because it seemed to pass after several hours. I will never really know if that was what happened, but it led me on a journey to learning how caffeine really affects the body, I do wonder if I could have been pregnant and caused it to happen with all the caffeine and lack of knowledge.

I am a research-aholic, I will think of something and search until I find what I am looking for. I am also a dreamer and have always wondered what my purpose in life is, what I should do for a career. Combining those two things has actually been what has helped me find my true calling in life. It is what brings me here today.

I have went into more details in a blog post called "Journey to Before Baby Wellness". It started getting a bit wordy ;)

I officially am a certified Holistic Nutritionist as of June 2020. I studied at the Energetic Health Institute and enjoyed expanding my knowledge of nutrition. I also grew in understanding how environmental toxins play an important role in our overall health and found a new appreciation for my body's ability to heal, with food and self care being the center focus.

I am a trained Birth Doula with the Doula Alliance. I was blessed to find a wonderful community of local Doulas who share my passion for helping support women through childbirth. I am working towards full certification and will be expanding my knowledge in this field soon, starting with courses to be a Fertility Health Coach later this year.

I am beyond excited to get to know you and also share a bit of my journey along the way. I feel sharing my journey in my blog will shred some light and help you get to know me even more. Feel free to email me anytime!

Welcome to Before Baby Wellness!

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