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During pregancy, the muscles in your abdomen stretch to accommodate your growing uterus. Part of the postpartum healing process includes those muscles going back to their pre-pregnancy state. Belly binding can aid that natural process! Belly binding can also be beneficial for the aches and pains associated with postpartum recovery.


Belly Binding has been used for centuries. It helps women who have given birth feel more secure and stable, which allows organs, muscles, and hips to move back into place. Belly Binding can be used anytime after giving birth, if you experienced a ceserean you will want to wait at least two weeks for healing before using the Belly Wrap.


I make these as they are requested. I will use Muslin Fabric and can dye the fabric for you, though I will only be using natural dyes(turmeric, berries, coffee, etc.)

Handmade Benkung Belly Wrap

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