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Healing Journey Update

Welcome back to the blog! I have kind of always wanted to say that! 😊 Today I want to do a bit of an update. Last blog I talked about Candida and what I was doing to heal, well I am 95% sure I am healed with that! Pretty excited, though the process was long and painful, it got worse before it got better, especially the last week for some reason.

My biggest issues with Candida, I never got “diagnosed” with this I am just going with what I researched, was the cracked corner of my mouth that lasted about 2 ½ months…guys what the hell?! But yea, I also experienced intense itching, you know where you should not be itching. TMI I know it!

I am pleased to say the corner of my mouth finally healed on Mother’s Day 2019, I knew I was healing when I could fully yawn without it cracking! I can now yawn, smile, and eat food without worrying about it. I never knew that I would feel so blessed for being able to do normal everyday things. The itchiness is gone, occasionally it itches and I am like “hell no this shit ain’t coming back” LOL. And double down on the healing regimen.

You are probably curious what all I did to get the healing vibes going, it was a longer process than I would have hoped but I will do my best to recap everything.

My first thoughts was a vitamin deficiency, which I still think was a trigger, so I stocked up my vitamin/supplement regimen. Daily I am taking a probiotic with Chlorophyll water first thing in the morning, also taking 1500mg of vitamin C, 50mg zinc, and 5000mg vitamin D3. Mid-morning, after I eat breakfast, I am taking a prenatal vitamin, an algae based DHA/EPA Omega 3 supplement, B-Complex, B5, B12, and garlic supplement.

After showers I applied coconut oil to my itchy lady parts and I truly think this helped! In the evenings I take a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar and chase it with a teaspoon of honey, I really think this was one of the biggest things that helped, I was not doing this before and about a week or so of doing this about every other night, it healed. I also took an Apple Cider Vinegar bath once right before I started the shots. I had been oil pulling with coconut oil for several weeks, every evening, I ran out around the same time I started the Apple Cider Vinegar bath and shots, then I switched to oil pulling with olive oil. I swear the Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive Oil was what really kicked it up a notch for me to finally see some progress with healing. With combining everything I did, adding in more Organic whole foods, and trying to cut back even more on processed foods, I think this is truly what healed me.

With that being said, I initially started the apple cider vinegar for, yes the Candida, but also to help balance my pH. I am experiencing some mouth sores that are not healing still, as well as these raw chunks out of the back of my tongue, roof of mouth, and throat. I am pretty sure this is from stomach acid coming up. Now I do not experience a ton of acid reflux or heartburn, occasionally I will notice this, but not all the time and I was sure it was not enough to cause burning marks in my mouth. I learned that acid reflux can actually happen while we are sleeping, once we lay down and if our stomach acid is not producing correctly, this can happen and the outcome could be the mouth burns. So, this is my new battle, healing my gut. Even though I really thought I was doing good, in reality, I am just getting started in this healing journey.

Still experiencing those spots on my stomach/legs/arms-I figure these are lingering from those hives, this will probably take more time to heal as it is likely stuck laying almost “dormant” waiting for something to cause hive flare ups, which has happened occasionally. The spots are still gut health issues as well.

So my daily regimen will probably get a little longer, my Naturopath advised me to take Betaine HCL or apple cider vinegar with meals, digestive enzymes, and probiotics to help balance out my stomach acid. I really hope this works and I can heal quickly. I am trying to keep all the alkalizing foods in reach and stay away from the ones that cause more acidity. The body loves balance!

This whole journey has been so crazy, it really is aligning with what I am learning in my Holistic Nutrition courses. I am learning a lot of things that cause the issues I have and how to heal with foods and supplements too. We are always going to have something we are battling with, but once we overcome the battles we realize how much stronger we are because of them. I am trying to see the light while in the middle of this battle. I have one supportive amazing husband that has really helped me through this, it has truly helped to have him by my side during the last few months of frustration, pain, and sometimes feeling like giving up and just not caring about healing. He is my rock and I am blessed to have him. I hope to have another blog up soon that describes a full healing update, it really is exciting to watch the body heal using natural remedies and good food.

Much Love,



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